1986-to date: Dixy chicken has been trading since 1986; it was founded by two very accustomed businessmen who had a foresight for a Chicken brand which could cater for the diversified population of UK. Dixy was an instant success & soon there were over 50 branches of Dixy in UK alone.

In 2008 Dixy was taken over by Church’s Chicken which is a successful Chicken Brand since 1952 with over 1500 restaurants, two different brand names and franchises in four continents. Church’s Chicken planned to convert all operating Dixy Stores into Texas Chicken (Church’s Chicken Brand in UK) but Mr Shakeel Arshad the present Owner of Dixy saw a lot more potential in Dixy Brand itself and took over Dixy in late 2008 to make Dixy a Global Brand.

Mr Shakeel Arshad (The owner & Managing Director) has a strong business and commercial sense, enabling to provide excellent guidance to franchisees for the set up of successful franchise. His commitment to constantly work with the franchises to improve their business is a quality that we have now adapted as our core philosophy. Mr Shakeel’s business acumen and vision have lead Dixy to a thriving path.